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Pro-Russian network behind the anti-Ukrainian defamation campaign

Pro-Russian network behind the anti-Ukrainian defamation campaign

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There has been a huge tide of false, incorrect and bloated reports that exaggerate or over-emphasize the significance of the far right in the current Euromaidan protests in Ukraine. A Moscow-based journalist Alec Luhn writes in The Nation about "the Ukrainian nationalism at the heart of ‘Euromaidan’", a leftist Seumas Milne argues in The Guardian that "in Ukraine, fascists, oligarchs and western expansion are at the heart of the crisis", while a self-styled "independent geopolitical analyst" Eric Draitser, in his nauseatingly misleading piece for his own Stop Imperialism (later re-published by The Centre for Research on Globalization), even goes so far as to claim that "the violence on the streets of Ukraine [...] is the latest example of the rise of the most insidious form of fascism that Europe has seen since the fall of the Third Reich".

These and many other similar articles are all written according to the same pattern, and their aim is to discredit the Euromaidan protests as the manifestations of fascism, neo-Nazism or - at the very least - right-wing extremism.

Every single mass political mobilisation in Ukraine has been accompanied by the attempts to compromise the popular uprisings by associating them with the extreme right. And not only uprisings or protests, but big events too. For example, a few weeks before the start of the Euro-2012 football championship, British media hysterically accused Ukrainians of racism and xenophobia, and warned that any non-White person going to see football matches in Ukraine would definitely and immediately be killed. After the championship was over, no British media outlet apologised to the Ukrainian people when it turned out that not oneracist incident involving Ukraine fans had been reported during the tournament.

The current campaign to defame the Euromaidan protests is so far the strongest attack on the Ukrainian civil society and democratic politics. Similar attacks took place in the past too, although their intensity never reached today's level. During the "Orange revolution", the Ukrainian semi-authoritarian regime under President Leonid Kuchma was also trying to defile democratic presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko by associating him with the extreme right. And here is a story that links the past and the present.

In the run-up to the 2004 presidential election, which resulted in a dramatic stand-off between Viktor Yanukovych and Viktor Yushchenko, a certain Eduard Kovalenko, leader of the virtual far right party Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA), declared that he and his party would hold a march in support of Yushchenko as a presidential candidate. Yushchenko's office immediately replied that they never needed that support and did their best to distance from Kovalenko's sordid initiative. Yet Yushchenko's office could not hamper that march and, on 26 June 2004, Kovalenko proceeded:

Eduard Kovalenko (in the centre) leading the UNA march

At the meeting that was held after the march, Kovalenko declared: "We, the right-wing nationalist party, are supporting the only one candidate from the right-wing forces: Viktor Yushchenko. One Ukraine, one nation, one people, one president!". And he gave a Hitler salute.

According to Andriy Shkil, then the leader of the UNA-UNSO, the whole event was staged by Viktor Medvedchuk*, then the Head of the Presidential Administration (under President Leonid Kuchma), who was later involved in the electoral fraud in favour of pro-Russian Yanukovych which triggered the "Orange revolution". Medvedchuk was (and still is) also known for his close personal relations with Vladimir Putin who is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter.

Kovalenko's task was simple: by giving support to Yushchenko under the Nazi-like flags, he was expected to discredit the democratic candidate in the eyes of Western observers. Luckily for Yushchenko, however, the Western media largely did not buy into that frame-up and ignored it.

But some Western organisations did not. One of those was the eccentric - and apparently non-existent today - British Helsinki Human Rights Group (BHHRG) not affiliated, despite the name, to the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. The BHHRG was notorious for claiming that elections in authoritarian Belarus met democratic standards, that Latvia had not been occupied by, but incorporated in, the Soviet Union, that the Romani people of the Czech Republic did not suffer from racism as generally reported, etc. On 24 November 2004, the BHHRG published a report "Shadow of Anti-Semitism over Ukraine’s Disputed Election" in which the authors concluded:
With friends like these [i.e. Eduard Kovalenko and some others] Mr Yushchenko may feel he has all the People Power he needs to seize the presidency, but should OSCE observers, European parliamentarians, Colin Powell and George W. Bush be undiluted in endorsing a candidate with backing from neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers?
One of the first web-sites to re-publish the report was the very same Centre for Research on Globalization which has recently re-published Eric Draitser's piece on Ukraine to which I referred in the very beginning. Another web-site that re-published the BHHRG report, this time in Russian, was the web-site of the Historical Perspective Foundation headed by Russian national-conservative Natalya Narochnitskaya. Since 2008, she has been heading the Paris-based Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, together with British eurosceptic journalist John Laughland as director of studies. Laughland, described as a "right-wing anti-state libertarian and isolationist", was one of the trustees of the BHHRG.

John Laughland and Natalya Narochnitskaya

At least three people who were associated with the BHHRG joined the US-based Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: Daniel McAdams (Executive Director of the Institute), Mark Almond (former chairman of the BHHRG) and John Laughland. The web-site of the Ron Paul Institute is full of misleading articles on Euromaidan associating it with the extreme right, and various drivels by Mark Almond (who likes to present himself as "professor of history at Oxford University", but does not even work at Oxford) are particularly prominent (see for example his "Ukrainian Opposition and the West ‘Playing with Fire Siding With Extreme Nationalists'").

The Canada-based Centre for Research on Globalization is also interesting. It was founded and is now headed by Michel Chossudovsky; among the Centre's contributors are Neil Clark, Mahdi D. Nazemroaya and William Engdahl. Chossudovsky, Nazemroaya and Engdahl are members of the scientific committee of the Italian journal Geopolitica, which also includes John Laughland and Natalya Narochnitskaya. Geopolitica is edited by Tiberio Graziani, a fervent advocate of the Eurasian cooperation and a member of the High Council of theInternational Eurasian Movement led by Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin. In 2008, Dugin called for the Russian occupation of Georgia, and even made a trip to South Ossetia together with his followers from the Eurasian Youth Union.

Aleksandr Dugin and his followers in South Ossetia in 2008

Geopolitica itself is an off-shoot from the Italian extreme right journal Eurasia, Rivista di Studi Geopolitici, published and edited by Italian Nazi-Maoist Claudio Mutti. The scientific board of Eurasia includes Aleksandr Dugin and William Engdahl. In the early January, Engdahl published a piece titled "The Belgrade US-Financed Training Group Behind the Carefully-Orchestrated Kiev Protests".

Dugin has been promoting the idea of the destruction of Ukraine and its colonisation by Russia since the early 1990s. He has also been an inspiration for the foundation of the Italian national-socialist organisation Stato & Potenza which openly calls for the annexation of Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Dugin and Mutti have been friends since 1990; Mutti himself is closely associated with Stato & Potenza.

Aleksandr Dugin and Claudio Mutti in 2012

All the above-mentioned people and groups form - apparently a small - part of the wide network which is aimed at promoting anti-Western, pro-Russian and pro-Eurasianist ideas in the EU and the US and Canada. Moreover, the following people from this network are officialregular contributors to the Kremlin-sponsored Russia Today (RT) TV:

And these authors are in the pool of political commentators of yet another Kremlin-sponsored media service, the Voice of Russia:

  • Mark Almond (ex-BHHRG, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity)
  • Michel Chossudovsky (Centre for Research on Globalization, Geopolitica)
  • Neil Clark
  • Eric Draitser (Centre for Research on Globalization, Stop Imperialism)
  • Aleksandr Dugin (International Eurasian Movement, Eurasia)
  • William Engdahl (Centre for Research on Globalization, GeopoliticaEurasia)
  • Tiberio Graziani (Geopolitica)
  • John Laughland (ex-BHHRG, Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity)
  • Daniel McAdams (ex-BHHRG, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity)
  • Natalya Narochnitskaya (Institute of Democracy and Cooperation)

The Voice of Russia's offshoot in France is ProRussia TV which is linked to the French far right National Front and headed by Gilles Arnaud, a former National Front councilor in the Upper Normandy. The National Front's leader Marine Le Pen has received a warm welcome in Russia last summer. Then, in particular, she met Vice-Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who helped found the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation when he was Russia's ambassador to NATO (2008-2011). It was during Rogozin's service in the Russian Mission to NATO when Ukraine and Georgia were denied membership in this organisation.

Marine Le Pen and Dmitry Rogozin in Moscow, 2013

Commenting on the Ukrainian government's decision not to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, Le Pen said that she was disappointed with the EU interference in the Ukrainian matters and recommended to the Ukrainians not "to join this nightmare", i.e. the EU (although nobody actually discussed Ukraine joining the EU). In this rhetoric, Le Pen was supported by Andreas Mölzer from the far right Freedom Party of Austria, who alsosuggested - when speaking about Ukraine's rapprochement with the EU - "to take into account the legitimate interests of Russia [which] is very sensitive to everything that happens in her immediate neighborhood [that] includes Ukraine, which, since the time of Peter the Great, was part of the Russian sphere of influence".

The large network consisting of pro-Russian authors and institutions is a hard/extreme right breeding-ground of all kinds of conspiracy theories, Euroscepticism, racism and anti-democratic theories. Today, this is also one of the main sources of the articles, op-eds and statements that are one way or another trying to discredit the Euromaidan protests by associating them either with neo-Nazism or with the alleged US expansionism. The rhetoric of these authors fully conforms to the remarks made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov who has recently slammed Western support for Euromaidan and declared: "What does incitement of increasingly violent street protests have to do with promoting democracy? Why don’t we hear condemnations of those who seize and hold government buildings, burn, torch the police, use racist and anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans?".

Here is a list of selected publications that this Eurasianist Kremlin-inspired network has produced so far:

I don't know if Alec Luhn writing for The Nation or Seumas Milne writing for The Guardianare part of this pro-Eurasianist network. Despite the fact that their message is similar to that of the many articles produced by the pro-Eurasianist authors, they may simply not know what they are writing about. But those people, who have been associated with the British Helsinki Human Rights GroupRon Paul Institute for Peace and ProsperityInstitute of Democracy and CooperationCentre for Research on GlobalizationInternational Eurasian Movement and - I presume - many other similar institutions, which are yet to be revealed, are obviously ideologically driven anti-democratic activists engaged in the anti-Ukrainian and, eventually, anti-European subversive operations.

* - Due to the threats of legal action from Viktor Medvedchuk, I decided to change the wording of the first part of the sentence.

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Psychological consequences of communist propaganda.

Psychological consequences of communist propaganda.

Have ever someone thought about this? What would be the price to pay for generations of people with a damaged picture of reality? Would it be the price to pay only for Russian society or near by countries? The World?

The civilized world has stopped breathing, figuratively speaking, when Russian TV showed a radioactive dust that would be left from USA, if Putin would press a red bottom. Not serious may be, but words grows to actions, that what they always do.

So the next step we saw not far lasting. US are taking great measures to protect the world from a crazy guy. The push is Ukraine, and one of the plants in Dnepropetrovsk, that exactly serves today Russian nuclear rockets “Satan”.

Did Obama know already about this? Yes.
Did US people? No.

Till today it was secretly kept away from public.

Appetites of Russian grew rapidly like disaster; they now want to have not only Soviet Union back, but also a collapse of US, and all human and other resources of European countries.

In a world, that is born after collapse of Soviet Union a new world was born – a world of sorrow by greatest time of Russian empire.

Psychological state of people is deeply connected with some historical events and communist education of Soviet Union people. I will try to explain it by simple tables of Psychological effects of events and communist propaganda. 

Events of last 100 years
Psychological influence
After effect 
1917 Stationer Bandit’s revolution under Lenin

Revolution of bandits, forbidden to be rich, to say other way from communist party.
The life in continuous fear to be killed for your ideas, thoughts and words. People are scared, depressed, no trust to people as a hole.
To live in continuous stress is difficult, that is why a big number of people came as a result to altered consciousness, changed and distorted by constant fear to be caught or somehow punished. To make a choice to agree with communist and approve their bandit’s methods was much easier then to fight back. ( it takes roots from mental state of mind for people before 1917, the state of mind was a slave determined)    
1991 the end of Soviet Union
The end of Empire, stress of loss, till that time, 3 generations later, people still truly believe inside Russia, that Soviet Union fall was a big mistake. (republics, countries, people of ex colonies of Soviet Union as Ukraine or Poland, or people in other colonies, never had such ideas)
A try to find a new place for Russian in this after Soviet Union world. Feelings of shame, humiliation, they try to cover with no talk about evil that was done to hundreds of cultures during epoch of Soviet Union. Still stay unrecognized by them millions of crimes conducted by communist leaders and KGB.
2014 revolution in Ukraine against stationary bandit group of oligarch system that worked on Russia secret service, fight for independence (as it was in many other eastern European countries)
Fear to loose Slavic consolidation, as for Russian for many generations an idea of only one existing possibility, of only one choice – Slavic or Eastern, friend or enemy, had worked during Soviet Union till today. This logic of bipolar world is strongly presented and a basis of national thinking. For example, to do business together – to be only friends. The full absence of companion ship or just working relations. So, if you have a deal with Russian born in there and lived his/her childhood there, be sure, you’ll meet this kind of logic in Russian actions or motivations. 
An appearance of national enemies of Russian and Russian speaking people (who are heroes in foreign countries are made in monsters to Russian, and used for population zombification), demonization of enemies, world wide self-pronounced genocide of Russian without real basis, and so on. Truly possible to write a book about Russian real state of mind.  

Events closely cooperated with the slave determined Soviet Union propaganda.

Propaganda last 100 years
Psychological influence
After effect
  1. Soviet Union – a big country to be proud of.
  2. We are all Russian are born to fight with US and its allies European countries.
  3. US are an enemy for Soviet Union, so it is also an enemy for each of us.
From 1991 till today
  1. There was no history of Ukraine, or any other occupied country. We all studied the history of Soviet Union only, history of KPSS party, Darwin and Doctor Pavlov experiment with dogs and light.
  2.  Obligation to have Lenin, Stalin, Putin portraits in a class and each corner of school, or any public buildings.
  3. Only Russian songs to listen.
  4. All that from US or Europe comes from Devil. (later in 90-s)
  5. In Soviet Union, now Russia - the greatest education of the world.
  6. Soviet people, now Russian - are the smartest people of the world.
  7. Soviet people, now Russian - have a specific brain formation that makes them to find the salvation of problems in the own Russian way of thinking.

  1. People became over proud not of what they do or how they live.
  2. For hundreds of years the idea was supported by all governments in Russia, the world is two dimensional for people: friend or enemy.
  3. US as one of any big country perceived only as a competitor and enemy.
  4. No desire to accept mistakes that were done to post colonial countries, as Ukraine for example.
  5. Cult of Lenin, Stalin, and now cult of Putin.
People started perceiving the portraits as faces of saints.
  1. People mostly watch Russian movies, listen only Russian songs. Mostly because they speak only Russian.
  2. Russian for hundreds of years were saying about their super orthodox mission, which is above all others.
  3. 9. 10. Very strong in propaganda for 100 years, this Russian believe strong and Russian are always deeply insulted if someone thinks opposite way.

1. Desire to make territory of Russia as bigger as possible. An example: Crimea, Ukraine, 2014.
2. An appearance of stories about world wide conspiracy against Russia: world wide government (they try to fight and spread about this disinformation all over the world); masons conspiracy; Illuminati conspiracy. (if to make a good search then possible to find that the main office of Illuminati order is in Russia, here is an example)
3. The main is always to compete with US.
4. Today all books, songs or movies about Stalin or Lenin crimes are forbidden in Russia.
5. In Russian news or historical books all bad information about Stalin, Lenin and Putin crimes are wiped off.
6. Absents of world knowledge, wide perception of the world, chauvinism, dislike of all foreign, racism.
7. In Russian churches today pastors are saying that Russian orthodox religion is the most kind and rightful.
8. 9. 10.  They want today to teach the entire world how to live the right Russian way, to speak the right Russian language and to trust the right Russian world perception. They are speaking today and writing everywhere about new war against Devil US and Europe.

Russian imperialism mind rules today in Russian geopolitics, and it is fully logical. Many people were always saying me, that it is just the tragedy of Russian that they have such a cruel policy, politics, president. But I am always ready to remind those that people support this type of relations, excepting all politics movements and really trust in Putin as a new Russian Czar.  

My next article will be about Russian  "Illuminati" group, and what are their ideas. 

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New born Soviet Man - psyche modeling system.

I cannot remember everything at once. But the main is here. The most dangerous was covered under building a new type of Psyche – Soviet Union man psyche.

That was a mix of 19 century mentality with a new system of communist perspective.

Psyche modeling: (some of the points some of you will find similar with mental grade of 18-19 century European countries)

-         Only an older person had a right to speak and support a talk.

In my family for example it was forbidden to speak together with adults. The right was given only when a concrete question was asked.

-         In a company of adults, children had no right to speak.
-         You had no right to say the teacher if you are not agreed with something. You could be easily beaten by your teacher with any kind or grade of physical harm.  

At 1st class we had a teacher who beat us each time we sat by her mind incorrect way. On the blackboard hung a picture of a nice girl in a perfect position on the table. We had to sit exactly like her one in one. That was a real Gestapo time 1-3 class of my early school. That is a story for a long memoir of anti human way of my childhood education.

-         You had no right to be disagreed with party of Communist. (consequences were always horrible)
-         To have Lenin star was like to have a medal. (all children had to wear Lenin star from 1-3rd class, and in 5th class pioneer tie)
-         All had to wear the same like clothes. If you had different clothes you became capitalist enemy. Kids could bit you.
-         All had to think the same way. If you say kind a different logic people start to hate you.
-         To think differently, to express your thoughts, to analyze.
-         To use the same phrases and vocabulary of communist agenda.

 I remember vividly myself at school, always to much of a different kind, to much of self-perception, always surrounded by hate, jealousy and misunderstanding. Not like others thinking. In Donetsk it is a rear case, another thing to be in Lvov, or Kiev – land of freedoms and possibilities to express your thinking. (At least in a small circle of free people)

To express your thinking was unrecognized and evil. At the 10th class a question of double truth made me an enemy of a new class at school I changed as a glove 3 times, running away from me.  

-         Why people celebrating their birthdays each year if with each day they grow older and come closer to dearth, health problems and oldness?

Nobody has a right to think. So I was a hate projection for all who find me doing a wrong not a soviet style way, for my independent thinking at literature lessons as well. But it was me; I could not to keep my mouth shut all the time. Meanwhile in my family I had at this time the same, when my grand mother started her day with a phrase: “Stalin was a good man, you know….”
These times have made a deep scar in my heart; a hole that will always sink me away.  

“Russian talents” – as a matter of work of Russian soviet propaganda.

“Russian talents” – as a matter of work of Russian soviet propaganda.

What was done to people psychologically for 100 years on Russian territory had a rich ground to grow till today, even if de jure no Soviet Union any more. Communism could not find the better plays then Russia, by its traditions and culture chauvinistic paradise, a place of cult of totalitarianism and father of Russian nation.

Next times I will touch more vividly in details the history of Russian culture, to describe strong brunch of Russian centralized ruling in other cultures killing mission. 

During my time, when I was born in 70th, Russian propaganda was on a big one great wave, like they felt the end of dying lie, and they threw it up with all last forces they had.

As it was practiced by bureau of critics of communist propaganda held from Moscow, all schools all over Soviet Union (director) each month received a paper plan for teachers – things to say during lessons, to encourage Soviet Union man mind grow in each pupil.  

What we were taught at school from this propaganda?  
-         Soviet Union – a big country to be proud of.
-         We are all Russian are born to fight with US and its allies European countries.
-         US are an enemy for Soviet Union, so it is also an enemy for each of us.
-         There was no history of Ukraine, or any other occupied country. We all studied the history of Soviet Union only, history of KPSS party, Darwin and Doctor Pavlov experiment with dogs and light.
-         We sang hymn of Soviet Union every week.
-         We were obliged to have Lenin portrait in a class and each corner of school.
-         We sang only Soviet Union songs.
-         All that from US or Europe comes from Devil. (later in 90-s)
-         In Soviet Union the greatest education of the world.
-         Soviet people are the smartest people of the world.
-         Soviet people have a specific brain formation that makes them to find the salvation of problems in the own Russian way of thinking.

Super human is as a Soviet Union human, a man of super powers, abilities and talents. People trusted it this much, still today trust is beloved, in many families they tell this to each other in a time of support, when life is rough and cruel to them. They still believe. Believe gives them some power to continue the move to no where. They call it a secret of Russian soul.

My friend from France once asked me:
- Why it happened to Russia? They had close mentality with European countries, good scientists, intellectual society, and golden age, 19th century, hundreds of world wide famous names, studies in Germany, France, Italy, and world famous literature. What had made them to stuck in 50th?

My answer is – super human propaganda. They trusted it so much, so they had no reason to make a hard working try! Thousands of free minds arrested during 1919 - 1965, lived their days off in poor conditions north of Russia, under the eagle eye of KGB.  Communism hated smart people. They killed them in all possible ways as they could, narrowing educational programs at schools and universities, where science itself was becoming a parallel reality, or a proclamation of pseudo scientific facts in a package of smart sounding phases and words with no particular meanings.

Now they have what they did for 100 years in Russia. When a big number of Putin supporters even don’t know the difference between being patriot and nationalist, being tolerant and chauvinistic, being a good neighbor or a dictator.  

This is a mess we will see not only today, but in 50 years as well. It is deeply inside, generations of soviet people bring their ideas to new generations.  

Communists achieved their work. It is growing today a new type of aggressors. Talents of aggression. 

Russian propaganda works deeply in Europe and USA.

Russian propaganda works deeply in Europe and USA.

The most common methods are used during big dates for the countries, when it’s a big probability of a big number of people coming out on the streets. They have a big number of Russian leaving abroad for a matter of helping Russian government to spy there, get needful information about country’s military, innovations, public moods. All information then is used to metalize a plan for a propaganda that will destabilize political situation inside these countries.  

The main purpose of these people (a big number Russian leaving abroad), to collect all kinds of possible information to be used then in brain washing companies for shaking society correct understanding of things inside explored by spies country.

How to recognize a spy?

The most visible what we have learnt in Ukraine (events 2014, Russia attacked Ukraine – new hybrid war).

Through the talks

-         Russians are very special nation
-         Russian do everything a special Russian way
-         Putin is better then (president of your country)
-         A lot of Russian live abroad and they need to learn other languages, even if Russian is the richest language of the world
-         Russian is the richest language of the world
-         No knowledge of history of 2nd world war and part of participant of USA and EUROPE
-         Russian lost a lot of soldiers during 2nd world war (truly millions of soldiers of occupied as Ukraine countries in 1919)
-         A big role of Russia in international politics (everybody needs us)
-         Severe critics of USA, EUROPEAN government
-         Spread of fear about world wide government
-         A talk about population mixing (a growing number  of mixed population)
-         Talks about roots of white races ( all comes to conclusion of chauvinism)
-      They think that 2nd world war was over only thanks to Russian fighting. 

For each country they find through talks with people the most specific week point to built future plans for destructive propaganda, which will infect all society from inside to turn it upside down, friends to become enemies, families to split in parts.  

(I know this, because I am from Donetsk, the most influenced area of Russian propaganda, and on my own yes my family spited in parts. Go helps, that in our family, FAMILY is always comes first, and we stopped speaking about Ukrainian events to save our Family. God helps the world. The Devil is out.)

The provocation is realized by a group of Russian. They usually film it. In example here one of those provocations, during the 1st of May, then they give some wrong comments and spread it like truth for all Russian speaking people, who ideologically by upbringing believes that “Russian are really special nation”.  

This is a help and support for Russian propaganda inside Russia, and outside for ideological identities.

More info is on a way. Don’t hesitate to bother me. God helps u all. 

On the video person explains that all people 30 000 (that was 1st of may march) are Russian (disinformation) leaving in Berlin, want Putin to come to Russia to protect them too, marginal group of provocateurs rented a car for music provocation during march, played the hymn of soviet union.   

Scenario one to one to Ukrainian, Georgian, Moldavia, was played already there. Stay tuned to truth. 

Be save.